• Kenson Seto (SFCA)

    Senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

    Born in Kaiping, Guangdong Province, China in 1943.


    When Kenson was young, he was fortunate to be one of the students of the famous oil painter “ Master Situ Qiao “.


    In 1959, Kenson was admitted to the High school affiliated to the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and was later accepted into the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, in Guangdong, China.


    After graduation, Kenson worked at the Cultural Bureau in Huizhou City and later at the Cultural Bureau’s Fine Arts / Photography Department in Guangzhou City.


    In 1981, Kenson immigrated to Canada to start his new journey as professional artist. He has often participated in various art activities and exhibitions in both Chinese and mainstream community in Canada. He was elected by the Federation of Canadian Artists (" FCA" ) to be a Senior Member of the Association, thus being granted the title of S.F.C.A.  He was often invited to be the Juror in various exhibitions in the FCA.


    Kenson is a very bright and outstanding artist who has achieved a highest standard in working on “ Figurative " and  “ Landscape" paintings in the media of Oil, Watercolor, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy.


    Kenson frequently travels to China and cities around the world. He emphasizes that the inspiration of his painting subject must come from the experiment in the daily life. He has traveled to the western part of China many times and has successfully created a series of

     “ Tibet” themes in oil paintings.


    Kenson has always insisted working in plein air. The brush strokes on his oil paintings are full of emotion, simple and restrained, affirmation of colors, free in every stroke, but every brush stroke is  precise, well represented and expressed. It has given people a feeling of being capable, concise, composed and energetic. It makes you relaxed and happy  seeing his paintings every time.


    His Art collectors are include:

    • The National Museum of Civilization “, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    • “ The Art Museum of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts “ Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.
    • “ Kaiping Art Museum “,  Kaiping, Guangdong Province, China. 
    • and Private Art Collectors.
  •           司徒勤參,廣東開平人。從小熱愛繪畫,初中的時候, 有機會跟随著名油畫家司徒喬在家鄉寫生,深受影響,從此立志終生從事藝術。






    1981年,勤參移民溫哥華,仍以美術文化融入加囯社會,先後在本地和國外展出過数十次,“高原女騎手”入選溫哥華第二屆 “Painting on the Edge”國際邀請展 ,“夏日花園”入選第11屆美國油畫會芝加哥展 ,“田園”入選廣東當代油畫藝術展,两幅油画入选温哥华两届国际具像绘画展,并2013年在开平美术馆举行个展, 作品被渥太華國家文明博物館、广州美术学院大学城美术馆,广东开平美术馆收藏,並獲得加拿大藝術家聯盟頒發《SFCA》(元老级会员)藝術榮衘。




    每年他都走出國門,到世界各地去觀察體驗當地人的生活,風土人情,成功創作有:“高原女騎手”、“渴”、“藏族母子”、“春播”、“回家 ”、“夏日的花園”、“馬蹄灣的傍晚”等 ……。



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